Childfree in Mexico


My in-laws graciously agreed to keep Theodore and Olive, so J and I could go away and celebrate our five year wedding anniversary. Let me tell you how amazing it was—


*all the praise hands*

I was sick to my stomach the whole day before we left, but after a quick cry on the way to the airport, I was totally fine the whole holiday. I knew my children were in good hands and it allowed me to truly turn off mommy-mode. 

We ate. Drank (A LOT.) Relaxed. Went to bed early. Lounged—whatever we wanted to do. It was amazing! J and I were able to enjoy each other without distraction, and focus on OUR needs, which is something that NEVER happens as a parent. These four days were renewing, and fun, and exactly how I wanted to spend this precious time together.

Cheers to five (married*) years, and cheers to 100+ more.