April—Need, Want, Wish


APR '18


I want heated floors. I wish it was warmer where we live.

I need to learn how to use my new full-frame camera properly. It will be such a waste of money if I don't...

I need to take a multi-vitamin, specifically something with vitamin-D, but I wish they didn’t taste so bad.

I wish I was a tidier person by nature.

I need to finish Olive’s baby photo album, and start on Theo’s. REEEEALLY behind the curve on these projects!

I want a child-free holiday with my husband. And it looks like we might get one soon! Now I just need to wait patiently until then.

I need to stop frivolously online shopping. 

I wish I had more confidence in the direction that my life is going. Will I be a stay-at-home mom forever? Will I eventually go back to work? I've already been out of the workforce for five years—what are my chances of finding a meaningful career after that amount of time away? Is it even worth it to compete with young, unattached university graduates? So many thoughts.

I wish I had focused more on my education when I was in school. (I feel like this would have helped with the above.)

I need to drink more water and eat less sugar. 

I want to travel more. 

I need more sun.

I wish Theo would sleep later in the morning.

I want to know where we will be living in five months.