Relief, Relish, Recharge


MAR '18


Life is officially back to normal after a weekend full of pampering, indulging, and most importantly—FREEDOM. 

Between birthday celebrations, a solo night in a hotel, and a Sunday day-date with James (unknowingly on U.K. Mother's Day), I spent veryyy little time with my children.

That’s probably why, on Monday morning, I woke up feeling lighter, and much more composed to take on the day.

The time away was SO needed, SO rejuvenating.

Not surprisingly, I couldn't wait to get back to my kids—we are a helpless species, us mothers—I even cut short our Sunday date so I could get back to help with bedtime. The hugs (from Theo) and reactions (from Olive) were so genuine and heartwarming. 


You just don't get that kind of affection when you're around someone 24/7. 

Monday morning started like many mornings do—with Theodore TALKING-LOUDLY-OR-SINGING-FROM-THE-MOMENT-OF-CONSCIOUSNESS!!! This happens typically between 5-6:15AM, obviously wayyyy too early for our personal tastes. And although we have grown far too familiar with his early morning waking, we have yet to grow accustomed to it. It still sucks.

So I picked up where I left off...

Grab Theo. Downstairs. Nappy change. Milk. TV. (Theo's typically woken up Olive with his LOUD SINGING/TALKING, so I go grab Olive.) Nappy change. Downstairs. Milk. *Place baby down.* Start the tidying process. Collect dirty dishes and clothes. Switch laundry. Breakfast for kids. Mediate toddler/baby interaction. Manage tantrums when dad leaves for work. Distract children with TV so I can unload the dishwasher in peace, etc, etc... You know, start the week off with a clean slate.

Basically, every day is Groundhog Day for mothers all over the world.

I'm not going to say these everyday mundane tasks are a "burden" to me, (lol) but sometimes I do them with, let's-just-say, less joy in my heart. Y'all, I gotta get my game-face on to tackle the day! And that usually requires a bit of a 30-minute "waking-up" period...

But Monday morning, these tasks were NO. BIG. DEAL. The neediness, the tantrums, the erratic behavior commonly displayed by children under a certain age, wasn't all that bothersome, and I was able to respond to them with patience and understanding. It was like there was a buffer of grace between motherhood and me.

Like seriously, I distinctly remember my face felt more relaxed. 

I will confess, I am terrible for being short-sighted, and keeping positive memories/experiences/feelings (what's the word I'm looking for...?) in the forefront of my mind. It's really easy for me to get caught up in what's happening RIGHT THIS MOMENTand then find myself discouraged and overwhelmed.

The daily grind of parenting is tough, but this past weekend was exactly what I needed. The time off helped me recharge my batteries, gain a bit of perspective from the distance, and now I'm ready to throw myself back in the game.

Now don't get me wrong, and my kids are on another level cra-cra right now, and it's only Wednesday. Teething, tantrums, bumps and bruises, jealousy, insecurity—we are dealing with it all. So send me all your positive vibes.

I just want to hold on to this feeling, this extra grace, and incorporate it into my parenting for as long as I can.

FOREVER, maybe? come on guys, let's be realistic


Thank you for my mommy-staycation, J. I hope to return the favor because you deserve the recharge too.  :)