Life Lately— Please Send Sun!


MAR '18



Life lately has been flying by and creeping along simultaneously for me.

This never-ending winter we've been enduring for the past six months is KILLING ME. So fucking drab. We were recently teased with a couple of nice sunny days with highs of 10C/50F, but the temperature has since dropped back down, and the weekend looks like rain and possible snow early next week. 

I'm so over it.

And Olive HATES being outside. She literally cries and wants to be held, and/or touching me, at all times. I brought out a blanket for us to sit on while the sun was out one day, and she wouldn't leave the parameter. Obviously this is a sign that I have seriously failed in the "wilderness exposure" arena, so I'm making more of an effort to bring her outside (and not just in her pram going somewhere.)

If only the weather wasn't so shit all the time. 

There is a saying in Scotland (and other places with unforgiving weather) that "there is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing." And yes, this is very true. But certainlyyy you could enjoy the outdoors even MORE if it was warmer and dry.

And I keep torturing myself browsing through the new Spring and Summer collections online... WHYYYYYY?! Ugh. I'm such an emotional cutter.


currently coveting:

this dress.

this swimsuit.

this resort.

this bag.

these trousers. 


And obviously lots more... Completely exorbitant pieces, I know, but lovely none the less.

Oh, and don't get me started on the summer collections for my feral beasts... OMG SO MUCH GOOD STUFF, my head could explode. I did snag these matching swimsuits (for Olive and me at H&M) that I am super excited about. #twinning

The good news is, J and I booked a sunny holiday in the near future, so we have that to look forward to, PLUS! we will be back in the states for a couple of weeks over the summer, so we will DEFINITELY get sun over there as well. We just have to hunker down and survive for a few more weeks. Spring has got to be right around the corner... Right?