Snip Snip



March 7, 2018

Not much needed to be said here— just documenting the milestone.

Theodore, you did a great job today at your first real haircut. You were a bit nervous at first, but you sat happily on my lap, drank your milk, and watched a show on Netflix, while Susie worked on your hair. I think you enjoyed the pampering. I even caught you smiling at yourself in the mirror a few times. 


Darling, you make me proud everyday. Your friends at nursery are going to be SO SURPRISED at your new 'do' tomorrow. I wish I could see all their first reactions, buuuuuutttt not enough to actually take you in the morning. Sorry, that's your dad's job...

Now I'm just going to find a movie, cry my eyes out, and fall asleep. See you in the morning BIG BOY!