So you're blogging again...


FEB '18



Hi friends!

Yes :) I've decided to give blogging another go. Even though I have so much MORE responsibility, and so much LESS personal time to devote to blogging—or myself for that matter—I feel like this stage in my life could benefit from the typed cathartic release more so than in years past... 

eh, we'll see what happens.

I'm a shit blogger. This I know for sure. I couldn't keep up with my old blog when I was a child-free, semi-adult frolicking around London full-time. But alas, here we are.

This stage of life is challenging, and blah, blah, blah... I'm not trying to sit here and say anything different than millions of other mums/moms/mamas have said before. It doesn't matter how many people warn you, but parenting is fucking hard. And that's something you can only figure out on your own—in your own time.  And it can be seriously isolating. No matter how many mom friends you have, or playgroups you attend. And it really does take a village. And patience. And all those other good-willed, clichéd sentiments passed down from mother earth before us.

...but it's all true, so climb aboard!

My motivation for creating this space is to put myself out there, as well as reach out to other people who are looking for more community. Mummy, mama, dad, expat, non-expat, childless, working mother, SAHM, young, old, purple? I just want more. I just need more—more connection, more interaction, more affirmation from other adults. (ie: someone other than my loving husband.)

Even if it is just typing over the Internet. It counts.


It has to count.