Internal Dialogue


FEB '18



Talking to yourself. Mulling over thoughts, making decisions, scheduling dates, asking questions, questioning yourself, making yourself laugh (or laughing at yourself?) We all do it.

As a mom, most of my thoughts are about someone—or something—else besides my own being, and frankly, it can be tiresome.

Okay, I said "can" be tiresome. I'm not a complete monster, y'all.

I stay at home with my two kids who are 14 months and 25 days apart.

I have a fairly active mommy social life—and adult social life, for that matter. Weekly meet-ups, playgroups, birthday parties, 'moms night out', you name it. But for the majority of my day, I'm alone with either one (or both) of my non-verbal children.

I find myself in my head A LOT. 

That's where the whole 'internal dialogue' thing comes in. It's the endless stream of thoughts that flow in and out all day.

I have thoughts. Lots of thoughts.

As we've discussed, parenting is a relentless fucking job. My internal dialogue can either bring me some cheerful sanity, or some serious doubt about what I am doing on a daily bases. Needless to say, I have to keep her in check.

Making jokes, or one-liners to myself, thinking inappropriate thoughts, snickering, asking myself rhetorical questions typically associated with a palm to face motion, asking myself disturbing legitimate questions, quietly trolling Internet and social media, talking myself off the figurative ledge, snarking at the television, day-dreaming, rolling my eyes, giving the invisible finger to whichever child is driving me crazy in the moment... 

You know, that kind of stuff. 


And it all happens upstairs. mah brain :) *hair flick*

So grab a glass, and let's see what happens when these little pixies get unleashed somewhere into the webisphere.

Cheers, y'all!