Blogging Bleh


FEB '18



One of the reasons I struggle with blogging is because writing does not come naturally to me. I envy those who can put down their thoughts eloquently—and more importantly, QUICKLY—to paper.

I, on the other hand, stress about grammar, punctuation, tone of voice, do I sound like an idiot, why didn't I pay more attention to grammar when I was in school, etc, etc... EVEN NOW I am starting, stopping, zoning out to children's television, starting again, coddling my kid, typing, erasing, "what's that word I'm looking for?", getting distracted, thinking, rewriting... OMG, it's exhausting. If I were a wordsmith I wouldn't have this problem.

In order to combat my blogging short comings, I think lists are the way to go.

I like lists. A LOT.

And I love LOVE LOVE bullets. (ahhhh so orderly) And blibs, and snippets, and little tidbits here and there. Just a wee glimpse into the monotony—OR CHAOS—of our everyday lives.

Plus I have to pay some attention to my kids and make sure they don't burn the house down while I hover over this lightbox...

Best to keep it short and sweet. xx