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For London's sake!

17 May 2015

A little bit of London to spice up anyone's Sunday. xx

If you want to turn into the Incredible Hulk, drink the water at the Roman Baths

13 May 2015

Chillin' with the Queen at Windsor Castle

29 Apr 2015

Getting vibes at Stonehenge

26 Apr 2015

Brighton Pier

23 Apr 2014

The Brighton Pier (actual name: Brighton Marine Palace and Pier), is a pleasure pier located on the Southern Coast of Great Britain. It was built in 1899, which means it's been providing "pleasure" for 115 years. Whew! It must be exhausted! 

Obviously the pier and the beach are a huge tourist attraction for the town. The pier is very family friendly with carnival games, rides and entertainment for all ages, so be prepared for a lot of HIGH ENERGY. The pier was fun to walk down, although I was nervous about losing my fedora the whole time. Quite windy! We were in Brighton on a Wednesday during work hours and it was only slightly  crowded, so I assume this place gets pretty crazy on the weekends. Oh! And go ahead and feed the seagulls. There are signs all over screaming, "DON'T FEED THE SEAGULLS YOU A$$HOLES!" but people were doing it anyways. Can't fix stupid.

The pebble beach was much more calm. Plenty of beach-side restaurants to sit and have a pint, a carousel and a few attractions for young children and lots of little shops to pop in for souvenirs. I love how you can rent those super iconic chairs to layout on the beach, they make me think of the 1950's. The weather was pretty chilly while we were there mid April, but I'm sure once the weather picks up this area will be swarmed.

Click the link for pictures from Brighton Lane and Royal Pavilion!
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