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10 Ways to Fall in LOVE with Santorini, Greece

5 Nov 2014

Hey guys! This post was originally written for and posted over at Guten Blog Y'all, so it might look familiar to those of you who follow along with Margo, but here is it again, just incase you missed it!

We all know that Santorini is a beautiful place, but for the more adventurous traveler, let's pump up the volume! Shall we?

Treking up the Volcano Nea Kameni in Santorini

28 Oct 2014

On our last full day in Santorini, we decided to take a boat excursion to the Volcano, Nea Kameni. We were transported to the small volcanic island in what I can only assume was an authentic pirate ship, and then we were guided up the rocky terrain to the top of the volcano. Once there, we had something like 45 minutes to an hour to walk around an explore.

Things to Know When Hiking From Imerovigli to Oia

25 Oct 2014

Relaxing at the Red Beach in Santorini, Greece

15 Oct 2014

Red Beach is located on the southern tip the island, just about 10 minutes from Akrotiri. There are two ways of accessing the beach—by foot or boat. At the time, I didn't know about the boat option, so James and I drove down, parked at the harbor and then trekked up and down the rocky terrain to get to the red pebbly beach. *The "walk/hike/trek" is totally doable, but at some points it gets steep and slippery, so anyone with balance issues might have trouble getting there and back.

6 Days in Santorini

7 Oct 2014

Cliff Jumping in Santorini (with GIF's!!)

2 Oct 2014

Cliff jumping is BY FAR the most exhilarating thing I've ever done. I wouldn't say I'm an adrenaline junkie—because I've never gone skydiving or bungee jumping— but I'm never the one to turn down an opportunity for a good thrill, sooo basically cliff jumping was right up my allie alley.

The Essence of Santorini

25 Sep 2014

When you think of Santorini, what comes to mind? Well, for meeeeee, it was always Mamma Mia (don't judge me!), but for MOST people, they probably think of crystal blue water, domed white buildings, and sunsets that take your breath away.

The sunsets, y'all. Do I even need to go on??
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