New Blog— Mommy Drivel

8 Mar 2018

Hi all! 

Wow—long time, no see! It's been YEARSSSSS since I've posted on here. Holy cow!

Many of you probably don't remember me, but for those of you still interested, I've started another blog called Mommy Drivel. In the years that I've been absent, A LOT has changed in my life—you can read about that here and here—so my new blog is basically a glimpse into my world and a tribute to this stage of my life.

Team Starnes was a dedicated travel blog, so Mommy Drivel will obviously be very different, but my goal is to get back into actively traveling/exploring and incorporate that into my blog as much as possible.

It's likely this will be my last post on TEAM STARNES. This blog helped me create a community of like-minded individuals from all around the world—many of them who have become real-life friends, and to this day, part of my everyday life. That's the ultimate goal of blogging, am I right?! 

The blogging community can be SO special! Especially when we take the time to interact, lift each other up, and create relationships. Soooo, if any of this interests you, please follow along! Who knows, maybe a lot has changed in your life too. Maybe we are transitioning into a new stage of life together...?

Here's a link to Mommy Drivel on Bloglovin'. (Are people even still using Bloglovin' anymore? I'm still trying to figure out how to claim this blog as my own while using Squarespace, grrr...)

I hope to see some familiar—and new!—faces over at Mommy Drivel and continue our online journey together.

Thanks all!
xx— A.

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