A lunch date in Aix-en-Provence (+ Provence vineyard tours)

27 May 2015

It didn't take long to figure out what all the fuss was about.

Aix-en-Provence is one of those perfectly imperfect French communes that oozes European charm from every angle.

Exploring the Gorges du Verdon in France via Paddleboat

23 May 2015

I know what you're thinking.

"That picture is fa-AKE! Altered, photoshopped, enhanced! There's no way that's the real color of that water."

And I'm here to tell you...

YOU are correct, sir!

Alongside my typical tweaks (aka my deconstructed filter), almost all of these photos were unsaturated by about -15. So yes, these photos were altered, but they were altered to bring DOWN the vibrancy of the water because heaven forbid I mix bright and colorful photographs with my attempted minimalistic and neutral blog palette. . . *eye roll*

Moving on!

Do you remember me talking about 'roadtripping around the Grand Canyon of France'?

I know. It was a really long time ago. . .

Well, J and I obviously had intentions of checking out the "French Grand Canyon" from wayyy up top, but what we didn't know was that we would have the opportunity to experience the Gorges du Verdon from a way more intimate setting.

On our way down the mountain, both our eyes caught a glimmer of the bright teal waters of the Lac de Sainte-Croix, and we knew we had to stop.

"Just a quick stop—just to see the water up close," we said, "and then back on the road to our next adventure in Provence."

And thennn...

SURPRISE! Paddleboat rentals!

Done and done! All other plans (and destinations) would be put on hold for one hour and thirty minutes, which is exactly the amount of time that we had to have the boat back by.

Wine, Cheese, Gossip & Paris— The Perfect Blogger Meetup

20 May 2015

A couple months ago, I set out to do something that I never thought I would do in a THOUSAND years. . .

Meet up with four complete strangers for a weekend flat-share in Paris.

Well, complete strangers is a bit of an exaggeration—for months I've been interacting with these ladies through our travel/expat blogs—but face-to-face strangers nonetheless. I think most people (and especially bloggers) would agree that people's online personas and offline personas are two very different creatures, and in real life, the face-to-face interview ALWAYS seals the deal.

My journey started in London where I met up with Jen, from Lady Relocated, at the St. Pancras International train station. Being my first international trip sans J, I was relieved to book seats on her same trains to and from Paris... I mean, we don't want a 'Taken' situation people...

Meeting Jen put a lot of my anxieties about the weekend to rest. She was totally normal, and very sweet, and I thought our connection was genuine.

For London's sake!

17 May 2015

A little bit of London to spice up anyone's Sunday. xx

If you want to turn into the Incredible Hulk, drink the water at the Roman Baths

13 May 2015

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