Lena Dunham | Can I Get an AMEN!

30 Sep 2014

I'm just going to say it. Lena Dunham knows what the hell she's talking about. 

Rarely do I pay two cents to the advice spewing from peers and/or people of my own age for the single fact that #1: I can make up my own damn mind, and #2: I'm healthy enough to figure it out on my own— but Lena struck a cord with me. Maybe it's her to-the-point attitude. I don't know.

9 Fabulous Fall Outerwear Options

28 Sep 2014

1 | double cloth car coat
2 | ultimate leather motorcycle jacket
3 | sterling jacket
4 | draped coat
5 | short trench coat
6 | long flowy studio parka
7 | tokyo rider jacket
8 | poncho coat
9 | city grid coat

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The Essence of Santorini

25 Sep 2014

When you think of Santorini, what comes to mind? Well, for meeeeee, it was always Mamma Mia (don't judge me!), but for MOST people, they probably think of crystal blue water, domed white buildings, and sunsets that take your breath away.

The sunsets, y'all. Do I even need to go on??


22 Sep 2014

After ten glorious weeks of silence, I'm officially back in the world of blogging. It's crazy to think that my last post was about Week 41 and currently, we are entering Week 52...

London Life Lately

21 Sep 2014

YAY! Team Starnes got a face-lift and I am also changing URL's. My new URL will be www.teamstarnes.com.  Finger's crossed I am making this transition properly!  More to come on the blog tomorrow!

Happy Sunday, y'all! xx
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