Week Forty-One

16 Jul 2014

James and I spent six days in Santorini last week and it was wonderful. That place—my god— is a photographer's dream! I had such a great time going out with my camera; I captured so many great moments (memories in the flesh!), but mainly it was just James and me, relaxing and reconnecting after a very busy month of June.

Week Forty | The Fourth of July

7 Jul 2014

Since I went into a five day hibernation after the Carpenters left, I was determined this week to just GET OUT! Walk. Get some fresh air. Do something! So on Monday I did some meandering around Oxford Street and got some grocery shopping done before the storm came through towards the end of the day.

Week Thirty-Eight & Nine | Team Carpenter Takes London

6 Jul 2014

James and I only beat the Carpenters to London by about four hours. Our Stateside weekend had come and gone in a flash and now we were back to "normal" life. James quickly showered and skirted off to work while I awaited our guests' arrival and straightened up the flat a bit.

London Eye Experience

3 Jul 2014

Our time with the Carpenters in London was FILLED with new adventures, but due to James' work schedule, it was typically just Mike, Lisa and me exploring during the day and then we would meet up with James for dinner at night. 

It's not every day you celebrate your 31st 21st birthday in London, (ahem, Happy Birthday Miss Lisa!), so in honor of Lisa's birthday, the Carpenters decided to live it up! Like literally... up in the air... Hello? Are you following me??
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