Assembling A Spring Wardrobe: 16 London Essentials

2 May 2014

My favorite task is always at the changing of the seasons where I go through my closet with a fine tooth comb and take inventory of what I have and what I don't have for the upcoming season. I personally find this to be very therapeutic and I always get super excited when I'm able to bring an old item back into rotation or find a straggler in the back of the closet that I had forgotten. This is how I get a good visual of what I currently own.

I am a firm believer in a uniform. I rarely deviate from my comfort zone regardless of the season, that's why I am able to re-wear so many pieces year after year. You won't find me going crazy with the bright spring colors or any off-the-wall trends, I like to incorporate "spice" into my wardrobe in the form of accessories.

We are almost halfway through Spring here in London, but the weather has yet to catch up. (That's why I am just now getting around to doing this task.) The above sixteen items are pieces that I currently own. With these staples in my closet, I really only need a few extra pieces to round out my Spring wardrobe. Maybeeee a tea length skirt, a new chambray button-down, a lively scarf, a silk t-shirt? I think that might need to be another post... 

What are your 2014 Spring essentials?

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  1. My dress came with the poofyish part beneath so I didn't had to buy an extra petticoat. I wasn't sure of my shoes too and asked them to keep it long, and there is plenty of space to work with.


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